Beach Taxi


One of the best ways to discover some of Menorca´s famous pristine virgin beaches is with our beach Taxi Service.

The Beach Taxi leaves from our mooring by the bridge in Cala Galdana and transports you to some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in the south of Menorca. Some of these beaches can be difficult to get to and are only accessible by long walks or by boat.

Once aboard you will enjoy a short boat trip past some of Menorca’s most fabulous beaches and then be dropped off at the beach of your choice where you will have plenty of time to enjoy, explore or simply relax in this beautiful setting.

Pick-up times will be around 4 hrs after drop off and should be finalized on the day of departure with your boat skipper.



Adults: 30€ Child: 25€ (0-14 years)

Please Note: some of the beaches are a little remote and do not have any cafés, bars, or toilet facilities. All water and food supplies should be taken with you.

You should also bear in mind that whilst embarking and disembarking at the beaches you may have to get your feet a little wet as the boat cannot leave the water completely.


Time Table

Time Beach
09:30 – 13:30 (approx.) Macarella or Turqueta
10:30 14:30 (approx.) Trebaluger or Escorxada
11:3015:30 (approx.) Macarella or Turqueta
12:30 – 16:30 (approx.) Trebaluger or Escorxada
Bebé menos de 2 años gratis

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The Beaches


A true virgin beach which is fairly difficult to get to, pretty remote, usually uncrowded and very quiet.

If you have braved the walk you will know that it certainly isn´t easy and can take over an hour from the closest land access point.


A beautiful virgin beach, very small but stunning in its beauty. This beach is also difficult to access by foot as it´s found between Cala Excorcada and Cala Trebalúger. It´s the perfect spot for couples who are looking for peace and quiet. This secluded cove is, without a doubt, one of our favourite places.

The drop off for this beach will be at Cala Escorxada. You will also need to make the short walk back to Cala Escorxada in time for your pick up.


This beach is one of the biggest of our options. Just as the previous ones, you can only arrive here on foot or by boat. The trail here is easier than the previous two, but it would take you about the same amount of time – an hour’s slow walk from the closest land access point. This beach is made extra special by the fact that, on the left looking from the sea, there is a river that runs along the side of the beach into the sea. This beach is also a true virgin beach.

Macarella y Macarelleta

These two beaches are the most famous of the island. They are very close together and you can walk between the two following a marked trail. Drop off and pick up point is from the beach of Macarella.

Because of their rare beauty, several commercials have been filmed here consequently they have become some of the busiest of the Calas and in August they are very crowded. Unlike some of the other beaches, they can be reached by a one-lane country road, which is another reason they can be very crowded.


This small beach is found to the east of Macarella. It´s a small cove where the water is turquoise, hence its name. This is beach is also accessible by car and parking is a 1 kilometre uphill walk from the beach. If you decide to come by car you have to take into consideration that the parking area is small and fills up quickly.